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He gave a mermaid her voice, and a beast his soul.



A Really Big Festival

A Really Big Festival

Time: TBA
Address: Details TBA

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Another Film Festival

Another Film Festival

Time: 8:30pm
Address: Scherferem Building

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Venue #1 Name

Venue #1 Name

Time: 6:30pm
Address: 864 N. Main Street, City

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Critical Acclaim

Hear the buzz about Howard.

  • Highlighting Walt Disney’s forward thinking approach to entertainment and the key players that made him a mid-century modernist, Yesterday’s Tomorrow proves that the vision of a great big beautiful tomorrow is always just a dream away.

    Laughing Place
  • The topics are so varied in the book though they are bound together by - as the blurb mentions - optimism, which is mentioned often, and innovation and looking to the future, which is what Walt Disney always did. While the book is considered for a general audience, it will be the Disney fan who will have the most interest in it.

    Mouse Steps
  • The illustrations and images are what truly shine in  Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Disney’s Magical Mid-Century. And that’s nothing against Don Hahn’s work at all. Hahn did an amazing job of crafting a work that fully immerses the reader into the creative spark of the time period. Not only what Walt was doing, but his artists. We see how Disney brought to life a vision of the future that we still dream about today.



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